Discover SEINT Makeup

Ok you can say I’m a bit obsessed! This makeup discovery has taken on so much more than my “Pretty in a Pinch!”  It is not just makeup. It’s the future of looking more natural with less coverage!

SEINT Makeup

Yes – the old way of slathering on foundation and concealer is kinda gross! I’m approaching 60 and I’ve been watching YouTube and social site tutorials and the amount of makeup they are applying is crazy! So, with a new color science, because let’s be real technology and innovation is always rapidly evolving, why not use it to our advantage? It’s not just for the young, we too can take all the goods and create our own transformation!
This makeup thing is more than just transformational. It’s empowering, it’s my beauty! I want you to experience this too! Reach out for a simple color match! A free tutorial is included via zoom or in person! I promise you will LOVE how this makeup works!
FYI this makeup is ideal for summer. I put on so little to feel so polished that I literally have NO transfer and no melty summer shine – just a marvelous GLOW. Who could ask for more in the summer heat. Seriously, WHAT IN THE WORLD!
Reach out for a simple color match!