Custom Facials in Sacramento, CA

All our facials are customized for your skin needs and lifestyle preferences. We incorporate modalities such as Microcurrent, Ultrasonic, Microdermabrasion, High Frequency, Iontophoresis and other advanced skincare modalities – depending on your specific needs.

New Client Facial – Best Place To Start

To make your journey easier, Jenell has designed the perfect “first-time facial.” In this first session, you will experience Jenell’s touch, philosophy and commitment to your skin. Includes: consultation, Standard European Facial, and welcome kit with samples.

If you both feel it is a good fit, future treatments will be recommended.

1.5 hours…$300

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Illustrious Facial

Specific to pigmentation issues, and wonderful to brighten all skin types. This brightening facial is ideal for anyone with sun spots, accumulation of dead cells, dehydration, yellowish skin tone, lack of glow and vitality, damage to collagen, premature aging, sagging and loss of volume.

Treatment benefits include

*Protection against sun damage
*Prevention of premature aging and any new spots
*Brightening of existing spots
*Exfoliation of dead cells
*Cell renewal

Most effective when done in a series (weekly). Home care is recommended to maintain results.

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Unstress Facial

A groundbreaking treatment for distressed skin. This “Unstress” facial addresses both environmental and behavioral factors, as well as internal ones such as hormonal imbalances and anxiety.

Combining plant extracts and innovative bio mimetic peptides, it shields the DNA and cell membrane – strengthening the natural immune system and its defense mechanism. Unstress uses active Ingredients to repair and renew the skin.

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Wish Facial

>One of most beloved and sought after facials at Jenells Skin. Another innovative, powerful treatment for mature skin. Wrinkles, along with dull and thin skin texture, are well recognized and unavoidable signs of aging. Wish treats all of these and more!

Long term benefits include:

*Improved elasticity
*Tightening and toning facial contour
*Improvement of skin vitality
*Rebuilding of tissue cells
*Healthy cell growth
*Aids in pigmentation for a more even youthful appearance.

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Skin Peels

We believe regular exfoliation, buffing, polishing, and peeling is vital for optimal skin. As such, we offer several different types of peels, such as:

*Enzymes – considered “Eaters” as they break down and build up in a very gentle way.
*Glycolic and Lactic Acid Peels
*AHA – better known as Alpha hydroxy Acids
*Vitamin C’s 

Please allow our expertise to give you your best options for a safe, gentle and most importantly effective peel. We have chemical and physical peels, plant-based peels, peels that bring up heat to promote circulatory benefits, and other innovative skin peels that will be catered to your skin type and preferences.

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The Skin Gym

Take your skin to the gym for the ultimate workout for your face. Enhances collagen production, stimulates endorphins and creates a glowing, radiant complexion for all skin types.

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Love the fabulous treatments and products! Jenell is a special person who is a complete professional. My skin gets lots of compliments and it is a testament to the care given by Jenell. Can’t recommend her highly enough. You will not be disappointed.