Turning 60 in 2024!

60th Birthday celebration

So it’s a big year for me! As I look ahead and reflect on what I want to create, this age thing can surely stir up mixed feelings. It’s a time that I can choose to look at my past and reflect on the fact that I have less years in my future. I can really dive into loving the time ahead of me, after all, I have a life in front of me. I decide what and how I want to live it? We are guaranteed nothing tomorrow, so why not love myself now at this perfect time and continue as I age.

I heard a saying about the “Age Gains!” I love that I’ve got a list of all the gains that age has gifted me. To name a few, wisdom for one, slowing down, cause truly there is NO hurry, embracing all the flaws and imperfections with grace, and not fixating on why my body is not social media worthy. I’m not going back to all my errors in my past or the fact that my body is changing. I can use age as fuel to take the appropriate actions to ensure that I’m living out these golden years full of vitality and Joy.

JENELL’S SKIN Motto has changed, it’s Aging Powerfully, no more

gracefully. I want to be strong and full of energy! Gracefully just seems too passive at this juncture. I’m future focused re-visiting dreams and possibilities long forgotten from my youth that so easily were dreamed up!

What have you gained? You see I know I can’t change my chronological age yet my cognitive is entirely in my hands. Science says my cognitive age IF positive and future focused will add 7 half years to my life and I want every bit of that!

So since it’s February lets jump on the loving myself at any and all ages, let’s do the self care/ self love thing and see where it takes us. What are your perceived negatives of your current age?Who are your role models? Who are you hanging out with? Do they complain about all there aches and pains and how the good old days are behind them? Do you feel like your running out of time? Oh did I tell you that that cognitive thing is all about how you’re thinking and again


What beautiful Gains will you grab onto and what future dreams and plans along experiences are yet to be lived. Oh yeah, I’m gonna say it! We have ONE wild wonderful life! It’s never too late, GO big there is plenty of time. If you need some help look at my

Girlfriends Gathering and Getaways for a starter or maybe just book yourself a facial to remind yourself how much a gift you are to yourself. There is STILL a big beautiful World out there just waiting for us at any age! You get to decide how you AGE!

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