My journey to live a Charmed life! It’s a daily practice to live on purpose to make life playful and to truly be present all the time (at least with those we love most). I was having a Grandson date and it was going so well until another driver upset me? I was playful in how I handled it. Yet I let the effect linger and I had to pull back to myself a few times to continue to enjoy the boys.

I thought, “did the boys perceive it differently?” How did I show up? What do I stand for in moments of reaction, discomfort, and fear? I interacted with this driver with sarcasm trying to deflect my frustration. I assumed and labeled this man and yet I knew nothing of how or why he made his decision. Ahhh these lessons… these moments?

Today, I can be more compassionate. I too check out, not just in the car yet with life. We get busy, we have a list of deadlines and well…life! And then I remember to go back to my purpose! To be an example to my family and others. I can do better; I want my Grandsons to remember me as playful not sarcastic! I recently read that when we judge others we usually can go back and see we do similar things we judge others for? Wow! I did this exercise where I wrote out a list of judgments on a person I love, like really went for it (part of the exercise) then I went back and circled one that was related to me! Again WOW! Talk about a wake-up call to thoughts and behavior! So, for today I’m practicing awareness and the 3P ‘s…Purpose, Play, Presence! 

Here is some insight to keep Charm simple. These are from Tonya Leigh and the exercise about writing down judgments are from Brooke Castillo “The Life Coach School”


The reason I exist, it’s within me.

It’s your set of rules of how you want to interact with others. Knowing who I am and what I stand for…what I decide. It’s “How do you” : want to live? Spend your days? Be thought of?  Be known for? Your legacy


In all things make life your playground!

Start to really dive into curiosity about your life! Experiment and explore.


Here lies the secrets to living a Charming life.

It’s a gift to others, you value them, think of those people who show this? Oprah is a master at being present. What are your examples of living a charmed life? Try the judgment experiment, it’s pretty cool!

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