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Ok, I started this month thinking that, as I look at the Everyday Icons in my World, the ones that I most look up to are the ones who truly know what it is that they desire. They are the ones that seem to be ” Going for it“. You know the women that are living life full out and are not afraid to be seen or heard – and are really having fun!

I started to make a list of all the things that I wanted to do this year. Things that fell into my values and yet were a tad sillier and a bit more playful (felt I needed that). OH, the list!      

My list includes things from the usual TO-DO to the ultimate BUCKET list.  The basic gift of the LIST is that it can bring some kind of order to our lives. There is something magical about checking off the things on our list.  In a chaotic world, the list gives way for a belief that things are under control, a sense of “We’ve GOT this!” I don’t know about you, but a list gives way for completion. It’s a task that feels like I’m prepared, have a plan, am focused and that things are getting done! At the very least we are controlling how we get things done at our own pace. Just writing this sounds a bit boring, yet it is truly one of the gifts of the LIST!

So, are your lists just about getting things done? Or is some of your list playful and silly? Are your dreams and desires even making the list?  Let’s take a look at this LIST thing a tad differently, maybe even have some fun! After all, the reality of getting, spending, and doing is daily. Maybe we can make a list about concerns, ambition, and futures. Is that Journaling?

What about self-reflection? Contemplation, things that matter. Make your list personal, record feelings, blessings, experiences. What about the NOT DOING ANYMORE kind of list! I mentioned that list a while back! Yet I don’t like the thought of focusing on what I don’t want anymore, just what I do want.  How about the list of Dreams, Desires or the “I WANT” list. I really like the last few. I think as women we get a little weird with an “I want” list? It brings us back to the little girl who was told that it was not good to want.

Sometimes in life, this being in control and having everything flow, creates chaos in the first place.  You know the, have to… the, get it done list. The list of ” Oh yeah I SHOULD be doing that TOO!” I just want to focus on the fun stuff! I realize that the want and the need to, don’t always meld. Yet I do think it’s important to at least give the fun list a look at regularly to remind us of the stuff that really does matter most.

What’s on your dreams/desire list? I’d love to know, not in a nosey kind of way, more of a support the silly kind of way. I think silly is the way to go!

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