Not Hard! WHAT?

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6 ways to be good with YOUR hard!

What if it is hard? What if it’s hard for you? What if it’s enough? What if for you it’s just hard to show up?

I had one of my favorite clients mention that something wasn’t very hard, referencing ease? I literally had a brain freeze! It caught me off guard, it felt off? I took it home with me trying to figure out, was it a trigger? Was I being sensitive?

She was simply just sharing something in reference to HER she was not ill intended, we were just chatting.

YET, what did I make it mean? I came home wondering if I was doing enough? Was I not attempting HARD things? Was I falling short? Was I taking the easy route, could I do more?

OK yes to it all! This is what we do to ourselves. We take innocent and yes sometimes NOT so innocent remarks and we run with it comparing ourselves and taking it to a level that does not do much other than create DISEASE! So after some thought and checking myself I reminded myself that my Hard is someone else’s EASY. That my BIG may be someone else’s SMALL and that where ever we are in this journey we get to be OK with where we are at.


Yes I will repeat “Do you like your reason for being where your at?” If so then checkmate! If not then we have some things to work on? Stopping the comparison is HARD! And we have to circle back and celebrate where we are and how far we have come. So first and foremost let’s go to:

Step 1– Back and Evaluate where you are? This is a great place to understand and get a grip on where you might want to focus on heading.

Step 2– Clarity! Define what it is you want? Hard is fine but recognize that you have to do YOU! Is showing up going to be sustainable! Let YOUR definition of easy or hard dictate your desired results.

Step 3– Clear a path, remove what you don’t need, like or trust. I mean you know what supports you and if you get confused, get curious and just keep filtering what works.

Step 4– Gather support. Add in what FEELS good and I don’t mean ease necessarily. There are levels of HARD that fit and get your where you want, yet when we let others ideas and ways creep in sometimes we lose sight of US!

Step 5– Fine tune, tweak, revamp, reconfigure make the necessary adjustments that FEEL sustainable

Ex: I choose a lot of Cody Rigby rides on my Peleton, not for a challenge or for a crazy hard ass workout, I choose it because I laugh, I sweat, I get my 30 min of movement. In Daily notice I highlight Daily because I’m CLEAR on the overall goal, MOVE DAILY, Not move daily HARD. By starting with a solid consistent 30 min practice I hit my mark 99% and it’s easy to keep showing up for a goal to move every day. If I always choose hard, well this is our cultural conundrum, go hard or go home. I’m not saying it’s a bad thing, I just want sustainability and its not always going full steam, rest and recouping are also part of consistency. Plus I will not develop the compound effect, small significant changes that make my goals successful.

Step 6– Always Celebrate whatever you do that is your Hard! As a female I see that the effort can be bypassed by checking things off the list yet before we push on to the next hard. We must stop to honor all efforts and celebrate every win.

Ok your turn, what are you doing/ not doing cause you think it’s hard, easy, big or small? Where are you comparing your hard to someone else’s easy?

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