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We absolutely need to enhance this thing called aging! It’s really simple. It starts with just knowing that as you get older, you are wiser and you know what’s important and what to fret about. It’s not that you’re fading, just some parts are!

Physically, our lips get smaller, our eyes get a bit sunken in, we start to lose some color in the skin and lips. YET, good simple skin care and healthy daily rituals (that you have already embraced) so wonders. You figured this CARE FOR YOU thing as you entered your 50’s and as we get to 60’s, it’s there. If not, here are a few things to do that will help you look fabulous. It’s so easy and simple and so worth you feeling beautiful as you go through this wonderful part of your later years.

  1. Exfoliating: As mentioned, good simple skincare with simple effective ingredients are your tried and true staples. Exfoliating it all, face and body makes everything look and function better. Peptides, Vitamin A and Hydrations, Moisturizers, and SPF and plenty of water.
  2. Start with a primer: Press it in, don’t use it like a moisturizer. It’s so nice to just spackle all those imperfections and fine lines.
  3. Cream Foundations: Powders are a big NO NO, they settle in all the fine lines and wrinkles. Creams stay on, perfect for all skin types, buildable meaning application is easy whether you choose heavy or light. (Have you checked out my newest obsession
  4. Soft lips: Stay with rosy or coral colors. The darker shades tend to thin out lips (which makes us look older) – save darker hues for evenings out and make sure that it’s a glossy version to give the appearance of a fuller lip. Tip: use a neutral tone in the brown hues to line up lip for a softer pouty look.
  5. Opt out of black liner: Choose a navy. It’s still similar yet gives off a softer look. Go for a smoky look that blends above the eye crease for an instant lift.
  6. Facial floral waters refresh throughout your day, and brings makeup back to life. Not to mention they smell amazing.

Remember, skin is constantly changing and its needs will change as well. So with your makeup we can boost, enhance and keep on top with all the latest in technology that allows us to be and look our best at any age!

At Jenell’s Skin, not only have we added an amazing makeup line that comes with free tutorials and color matching, we can support all the changes to your skin as you move through the aging journey.

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