So, you had that extra glass of water? You actually made it to yoga? You listen while your spouse vented without snapping back? Maybe you did something a little uncomfortable, being that a new lip color or a new experience?

Ladies, we aren’t celebrating enough! We are such an all or nothing! Kinda black and white thinking culture. Here’s the hard truth… “Small wins”… these are the big game changers. More importantly they offer small shifts when repeated daily. They give our brains a boost of proof that we are capable, strong and that “We got this”. Truth be told, there is science behind this, the compound effect! Oh and the side benefit… It makes things doable and sustainable! I told ya Big Wins!

So just for today, celebrate! Celebrate that you only had one glass of wine with dinner? Celebrate that you took that extra few minutes to enjoy sitting in the sun to take a much-needed break! Whatever it is you want in life… a new habit, more time, better relationships? Start small, celebrate it all, celebrate that you’re human and there will be days that you fall short on the water, sugar, walk or that talk. Explore what will fuel you?

Maybe start with why you want what you want? And celebrate all the small wins. I’m rooting for you! Need a little boost to your celebrating?

Join girlfriends gathering and getaways! All month long we are celebrating you! Want to try something new? If you’re local? May 17th Pickleball, come out and join in on the fun. No need for a paddle or to have experience, this is for all newbies as well as those just want to get out and be with fabulous women and get some fresh air. This is one of my obsessions so join in on the fun. Most importantly, start celebrating it all! Watch that shift in focus catapult your days and ultimately your life! I celebrate you!

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