I Choose Charm

Lamp with charm in front of a greenery background

So in this process of embodying my word of the year, CHARMED LIFE! Or more accurately “Charmed”. I started a bit of research into all things charmed and I keep getting directed to Southern living and all the things hospitality.

So what is that?

Hospitality: the friendly and generous reception and entertainment of guest visitors or stranger. They say that Scotland is known for its hospitality? I was watching a sweet romantic comedy set in Scotland and the local pub was so noisy and genuinely supportive of one another. It was as if I see you and we got your back thing. It wasn’t in a gossipy way but a heartfelt you’re one of us. Some other things that came up in my digging was: Luck and good fortune, Abundance, Adventure, Beauty, Confidence, vitality, grace with a bit of grit. Now that’s a recipe for a most lovely charmed life. Home away from home came up as well. Now we are getting an idea of how I can plan and implement some of my goals around this year full of charm. That my friends are what I want my home and my salon to be for all who enter.

I also want to be YOUR lucky charm to brighten your day when we cross paths, I want to shower you with the most exquisite treatments and make you swoon when you enter my salon, because you know what awaits you. I’m not just choosing charm for myself I choose it for you as well.

Life is full of such delights we all just have to slow down and take note of all that surrounds us, breathe in all those little details that make life charming. My little treatment room is full of details that I have curated over the year through countless hours visiting other establishments and tapping into those details that spoke extra to me.

How about just visiting a charming place?

I wrote a recent blog on Go somewhere lovely and unexpected (check that one out). As I write this I’m in the most girlie café with tons of pink! There is a giant blossom tree inside along with a wall full of flowers and a most adorable Photo Booth/phone booth. Just sitting here with a lavender latte that visibly is a delight, oh how charming! Maybe just staying in bed just a few extra min to stretch, take in a gorgeous breath, and wake slowly. There are so many ways to choose charm I plan to share some, after all I’m choosing this for my year. It will surely be a most charming year ahead because I choose it!

I’m curious what feels charming to you? How can I add more charm to each visit? How can I envelope you in all things that give you a sense of Southern Hospitality? Let’s Jenell’s Skin put on the charm for you! Be sure and check out some of our upcoming events here is where I get to be hospitable and show you!

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