It was over thirty years ago… I had just bought my home as a single mother of two, I had borrowed $10,000 from my parents for the down payment.  Money was tight, I was scared, it was a time in my life where fear was a constant. How was I gonna do this? Raise children? Pay the mortgage? Be present to life? I knew how to work hard, yet there were so many unknowns and so much uncertainty.

I remember going to a discount store as my birthday approached and there were these wicker chairs on sale for $25 each. Money was tight and I had just enough of a balance on my credit card that I treated myself to two of these chairs for my barren front porch. It was a splurge to say the least.  I’ll never forget placing those chairs on the porch! The following morning I took my cup of coffee out on that porch and sat in one of those chairs and it hit me! This is a true luxury! It was quiet, the world had yet to awaken, it was crisp, the grass was still wet from the morning dew. It was there that I realized that luxury wasn’t a 5 star hotel or a silk robe, it was life’s little joys! I actually wept! This began one of my life hacks… Savor the quiet! I’ll never forget how those chairs changed me. Now it is my intentional plan to have a daily morning ritual. I anticipate it, I ensure that it doesn’t get overlooked in my busyness. It is one of my small meaningful pleasures.

You see these moments add to our overall well being. They are proven gifts to help with stress, boost mood, cultivate a positive attitude. It is a true Dopamine hit, one that triggers the feel good neurotransmitter in our brain. These play a significant role in sleep, processing pain, and learning. Find YOURS! Build it into your days, it’s a broad criteria and very individual. These small indulgences provide information into what makes us feel good.

My morning ritual is life giving! It is my luxury! What’s yours? Summer offers a few extra luxuries due to more opportunities to be outdoors, near or in water. Take full advantage of the Summer season!

Looking for ideas around adding some lil luxuries here’s a list to get ya started:

  • Good quality Dark Chocolate
  • Reading a chapter of a book
  • Dip your feet in the pool on a hot day
  • Music, dancing to a favorite tune
  • Infuse a glass of water with a surprise
  • Tea ( my afternoon ritual)
  • Candles your favorite scent
  • Colored pens to journal
  • Pillow spray
  • Heavy lotion for feet before bed
  • Fresh flowers
  • Nature walk
  • Puzzle
  • Notes
  • Croissant
  • Walk barefoot in the grass

Add to the list goes on. Try a variety. It’s the spice of life and little luxuries!

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