Anticipating a New Season

flowers in the winter season and snow

The sun is out and after the rain and some storms here in Northern California it is a welcome shift.  It’s a small significant sign that spring is on it’s way and we will reach over 70 today!  Yay for a new season!  As with all the Seasons in my life, I still want to remind myself to not rush this, I still want the messages that the winter brings.  I want to cozy up by the fire and to relish an extra pot of hot tea, soups and soft cuddles.  I’m still in the mode of reflection of what the new year is giving me.

What whispers or callings are still available to me as I keep this winter pace?  If available till the spring Equinox, March 19th so there is still time.  My wish is that you too will listen to your body and continue to let the feelings and yearnings of winter allow you to savor every last bit of this season and not hurry through it.  It’s such a common conversation about us that the retail world is jumping faster and faster from one season to the next.  Let’s not buy into this fast-paced way of life that consumes so much of our peace and pocketbooks!  As I ponder my year ahead, I truly love each season. It used to be that the warm months were the ones I longed for, now it is with each one that I relish and decide how to take it all in and find the jewels amongst them.  It truly is a way to continue with my charmed life journey this year.

What is your favorite winter ritual that you can hold on to and let it unfold a bit longer?  It can be difficult in the part of the world where the weather doesn’t shift, yet there are still small things that represent a slowing down, reading is one such indulgence.  Tea in the afternoon, even a walk bundled up, cause it’s for the season not for the calories to burn. Find time to indulge in these last few weeks of winter.  At Jenell’s Skin we include many lil cozy additions to our facials.  We also treat individual skin conditions that get amplified during the winter so be sure and book your next appointment.

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