4 Tips to Finding Your Groove with Style

Choosing what your gonna wear daily can be transformational especially if you use style as a tool? Don’t just grab the same ole thing, give it intention!

Style your day with intention, yes it’s a way to communicate who you are, who you want to be, verbal and nonverbal!

  • Know your flavor and research and explore all the various ways you can add to make your flavor reflect your sense of style. Use Pinterest to open up ideas and show variations that you might not of thought of. ASK how do I want to feel today, feed your emotion the ones you want, not necessarily how you are currently feeling with a thought that you desire. ASK how do I want to see myself? To be perceived? What you choose to wear will let others gain a perspective of expert, leader, inspiring, creative, or powerful YOU GET TO DECIDE and choose accordingly. Style IS a feeling.
  • Details are EVERYTHING details tell the story. Is she polished? Together a chic scarf can say that for you. Start with any basic and build from their, belt, jewelry, shoes, handbag, sunglasses, scarf statement, necklace, bold earrings.
  • Create energy with the power of three” a basic combo is always a starting point once you have that then to complete a look finish it with that third piece EX: tee shirt and jeans add a blazer, a sweater, Be aware of fit what you love and color switch it up and go from sporty to chic with just a few changes.
  • Be intentional with color there is so much phycology when it comes to color and how it can enhance and aid in mood, energy , again it can be done in several ways a bold lipstick a scarf or just shoes. Color can express and influence how you go about your days. Plus it can be a surge in your energy even how you carry yourself.

There is so much when it comes to style no matter your shape size body or flat chested tall shirt there is a fix, hack and trick to it all! Come out and learns so and challenge the expert! We have a great guest speaker on the 26 for just that flyer attached

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