Acne Treatments in Sacramento, CA

Jenell’s Skin has Acne Certified Professionals who utilize a proven system to clear and maintain problematic skin. Custom homecare protocols, along with scheduled treatments, speed results (as time is of the essence with Acne).

Acne will affect young adults into adulthood.  Self-esteem is critical at a young age and Acne plays a huge roll in how they interact with their peers. Please don’t wait. We will treat your child as early as age 10, adjusting the treatments as appropriate for age.

New Clients Start Here

In the first visit, we will treat the skin along with giving a patch test to ensure we send the correct products home, and to check for sensitivity and allergies. After that, you will choose from the below protocols below.

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  • Clear in 3-4 months

  • Consultation $145 Required (includes 1st treatment)

  • 6 Acne treatments in Office; one every 2 weeks at $125

  • Products 3 months worth, 100% necessary

  • Supplements Optional

We can speed up this Protocol for a special event (Weddings, Graduations, Prom, etc.)

Must check In every two weeks via phone/email/text:

  • Clear in 6-9 months

  • Consultation required

  • Must use products 100%

  • Supplements optional

 This protocol is for acne treatments that can be spaced apart for those who have limited funds.

Note: Please be aware that clearing the skin on this protocol takes longer. Wonderful for college students and those who are not local.

*PARENTS: Please note that Acne is not curable! It is NOT because they have a bad diet or they are not cleaning the skin, hormones play a small role. All Acne protocols require a signed consent form and for those under the age of 18 parents must sign the consent form.